Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mystery Project !!

Hi Everyone, 

I've got some excited news !!!! I've teamed up with a train company for a big project, don't want to tell all about it just yet. (Can tell you that I'm over the moon about this project ! )

Can you guess by the picture which train company I'm teaming up with ???
'It' will happen on 1october .. can you guess what will happen ? 

Over the next weeks I will give you some more details, so stay tuned !

Think you know it ? let me know here by a comment PR on my facebookpage !!! (like my Fb page !! )



  1. Zo'n leuk idee! :) (ik kocht hem in new look )

  2. Good idea with following each-other: follow me back ;)

  3. That would sure be exciting,
    and quite a milestone... lots of luck!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog..

    I sure would love to follow your blog,
    in fact I am now your newest follwer ♥

  4. i like a good mystery - congrats!


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