Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Swarovski for Think Pink

Tack Pin (46 EUR)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to bring you guys this post because October is the international breastcancer month! This month the organisation 'Think Pink' asks extra attention for breastcancer. During the month Ocober, all the Swarovski shops will support the theme of the 'Swarovski for Think Pink' collection.

What good are all those fab clothes, if you are ill right ?!
Therefore I would advise you, my dear readers,  to contact your doctor and see if you can get yourself checked for breastcancer ! I think that everyone knows someone in their environment that has cancer. Cancer is an illness that can affect everyone ! By wearing an item of the Think Pink Collection you can help by raising awareness for breastcancer !

The eyecatcher in the Swarovski for Think Pink collection is deffenitely the Tack Pin (as shown above).
It's currently on it's way to me , so you will see me wearing this pin in posts througout October !
Other items of the collection are the 'Crystalline pen' (29 EUR) , the 'Pink Hope Pendant' (55 EUR) & The 'Charm' (44 EUR)

For more information check : or


  1. Awesome pin! I'd love that for one of my crochet hats.

  2. LOVED IT!!!!By the way thank you so much for your sweet comment!!Lots of kisses!

  3. Mooie pin hé, heb 'm zelf ook en ik draag 'm op een jeanshemd. Mooi mét een boodschap= i like!

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