Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dior X-mas Collection 2011: 'Les Rouges Or '

Rouge Dior Or / 32,44 Euro

 The Dior lipsticks from the 'Les Rouges Or' collection come in 7 limited edition shades. They make your lip look fuller through the hydrating & comfort effect !
217 Or etoilé
  The real eyecatcher in this limited edition lipstick collection is the gold lipstick (217 Or EtoilĂ©) ! The gold particles in this lipstick create a shimmering effect on the lips, so that your whole face lightens up !

221 Or Divin

Rouge Dior Vernis / 32,44 Euro

Gold is also the key word in the limited edtion nail polishes ! Your nails will shine through the gold particles  ;-). They are available in 3 colors : Dior Vernis Exquis 611, Dior Vernis Merveille 651 & Dior Vernis Apparat 871

This limited edtion collection ' Les Rouges Or'  is already available in stores (from October 17)


  1. I'd love some gold on my nail polish,

    but I'm not sure for my lips,
    love the second shade of lipstick though.

  2. j'adore :)


  3. ziet er goed uit!
    leuk ook je vorige outfit post

    New outfit post - Rock meets classy

  4. Love the gold nailpolish, nice addition to my New years eve outfit.


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