Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guerlain X-mas collection : 'Vol De nuit'

I received a surprising e-mail a while ago ! I was invited to discover the new X-mas collection of Guerlain @ their offices in Brussel . An offer I couldn't refuse !

Guerlain for me, is a well-know respectable brand that have great eyeshadows, Foundations, fragrances & skin care products . 
They also create wonderful packaging for their products ! The packaging, for me, is evenly important ! I'm a visual person and I'm tempted to buy a product if I love the packaging !

Perfumed powdre : Vol De nuit (76,52 Euro)
 fragrance : Vol de Nuit

The 'Vol de Nuit' fragrance (Right in picture) is an homage to the novel  Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry. 
Geurlain has created a perfumed powdre : 'Vol De Nuit' (Left in picture),  which is based on the well-known fragrance 'Vol de Nuit'.  The powder itself contains subtile gold shimmering which is perfect for the X-mas ! I  absolutely love the packaging of these 2 products : the colors, the shape, .. If you look closely you can see that the gold hardware is based on the propellors of an airplane ! Funny detail !

Parure De Nuit (49,94Euro)

This is one of my 2 favorite products in the X-mas collection !
 This compact powder has 2 purposes! It contains a face powder & Blush all in 1 lovely package ! This limited edition compact powder is also scented ! 
You can accentuate your face using the 4 shades and applying it all over ! Or, if you want to sculp your face you can use the 3 pink areas of the compact powder. This is a kind of product that you can also use after the holiday's ! That is exactly why I'm a fan of the Parure de Nuit !

Meteorites Perles De Nuit (58,46 Euro)

Guerlain hasn't changed the original formula with this product, but they have created a new harmony to highlight the face even more ! There are 5 colors of smooth pearls : White, Pink, Gold & orange!
This is the kind of product that I would buy, because it looks so pretty and it's original because of the pearls ! It is an addition to my make-up collection !

Ecrin 4 colors (10 Les Ombres de Nuit) (54,20 Euro)

This lovely product is my N°1 favorite of the collection ! It has 4 colors (1 mat and 3 shimmering) 
The colors are exactly what I would use for creating my festive look ! It's also perfect to use after the holiday's. The blue and green color suit almost every eye color . The black and grey are basics, but they have a nice pigmentation ! The make-up artist also told me that You can even dip your brush in to water when using the eyeshadows if you want even more pigmentation !

Rouge de Guerlain(35,07 Euro)

They have created a new shade for this collection : Rouge G le Brillant ! Suits every skin tone, I believe !

Then it was time for my make-over using the X-mas collection products....

If I could only grab every single thing in that fab room and take it with me ;-) ....

Tada, ..... The result ! Loving it !

Thank you Guerlain ! ( Curious to see what's inside ? check my FB page here, and you will see) 

Now, the only thing you were wondering : When is it available ?
Well, this lovely collection is available form 1/11/2011 ! Go get it ;-) !


  1. Thanks for your comment, cute post, it all looks great :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  2. Oooo what a lovely invite to get, hope you had fun

    Eda ♥

  3. That looks very intrigueing!!

    You can find the list of the Inglot make up stores around the world here:

    There seem to be no stores in Belgium. :/ Hope you'll get one soon! I guess the closest is in Netherlands(?).


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