Thursday, November 24, 2011


I learned about Philosophy products thanks to my sister, she brought the Vanilla birthday cake shower gel home from NY !


Love the Grace fragrance !

The melon daiquiri will be my first buy ! smells so sweet !

curious to try this !

 I couldn't be happier ! Philosophy is (finally) coming to Belgium in february ! I've already marked the date ;-) !
 It will be sold exclusively at Ici Paris Xl ! :-) I received the good news during the press days at Antwerp a few weeks back !

I'm already starting to make my list of Philosophy buys . What will be on it ?
-Melon Diaquiri
-Micro delivery peel
-hope in a jar ( Oprah made this product famous by putting it on her list of givaways for 6 years!)
-When hope is not enough serum

Have you already tried a Philosophy product ? Did you like ?

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