Sunday, November 13, 2011

LUSH Vanilla Fountain - review

This Vanilla Fountain bath bomb from immediately caught my eye in the LUSH shop. It’s shaped like a creamy cupcake with a vanilla pod that sticks out on top of it J

Vanilla Fountain has a strong vanilla/Crème brulee fragrance ! Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a real Crème brulee fan ! If Crème brulee is on the menue, you can bet your money on it that I will order it J Therefore, I didn’t think twice when buying Vanilla Fountain. I paid 5,15 Euro for a Vanilla Fountain bath Bomb.

It’s design is also very simple but yet elegant! (And yes, I do think bath bombs can be elegant ;-) ) I had given it a nice place beside my bath and it looked pretty next to my luxury candles and bath towels.

Before using Vanilla Fountain, I had cut it in 2. I felt like it was a bit large to use it all in once. That way I could use it twice.  I did feel like it was almost to pretty to use thoughJ.

When I used it, my whole bathroom scented like vanilla! Normally, when I use bath bombs from other brands, the scent is soft and disappears after a while.
Vanilla Fountain releases a deep vanilla fragrance, that lasts even after I took my bath !
I must say though: if you’re not a vanilla fragrance- fan, I would recommend buying yourself another bath bomb from LUSH ;-) .But if you do like vanilla, this is the one for you!!

For more information check:
Their Dutch site:  


  1. Hmmm, klinkt heerlijk! Ik ga meestal voor de roze varianten, maar crème brulée heb ik ook graag :)


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