Friday, December 23, 2011

How to : Wavy Curls with Wella Pro Series

Conditioner shine
Max Hold foam
Max Hold hairspray
Shampoo Volume

after each section that you've curled use the Max Hold hairspray so that when you're done, the curls are still in place. after you've finished with your whole hair, go over it with the hairspray once again.

I wanted to tell you how I created this wavy curls look.

1/  I washed my hair with the Wella Pro Series shampoo (volume) and conditioner (shine). 

2/ blow dry until the hair is not to wet and use the Max Hold Foam. You just need a small amount of the foam, the size of a golf ball.  Then blow-dry until your hair is completely dry.

3/ First separate your hair into 2 main sections(each side of your head). Then separate each section into smaller sections.The smaller the section to curl, the longer the curl will hold! 

4/ curl each hair section (starting from the back of your head), then spray the Max Hold hairspray on each section that you've curled.

5/ For the finishing result : go over the complete hairdo with the Max Hold hairspray once again. 

Tada :-) you're done . What do you think of this hairdo ? Would you try it ? 


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