Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kate Moss Rimmel London

So I'm probably the last one to introduce you to the new Kate Moss Rimmel London collection . 
No ?! Well, let me introduce you to this fab collection that will be perfect for those of you who want to have the perfect make-up look for the holidays !

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 'My gorge red '
 This lipstick is the first lipstick that Kate Moss had designed for Rimmel ! That lipstick is on my wish list
 :-) it's the must-have piece out of this collection I believe ! It's the perfect shade of red and I already heard good things about it . The Lasting Finish Lipstick collection comes in 6 shades !
(9,49 Euro)

WOW lash macara
Now, I'm always looking for that perfect mascara and well let's be hounost : if Miss Kate has fab eyelashes after using the WOW las macara, than I'm convinced too ! This macara is my n°2 favorite item from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel London ! Don't you want those long sensual lashes like Miss Kate ? ;-)
(9,99 Euro)

I love lasting finish nail polish

If you can't find the perfect color nail polish to match your outfit, well than I'm clueless ! The 'I love lasting finish nail polish ' collection exists out of 18 colors with all kind of cute names like : 'your majesty' (silver), 'double decker red'(red) or 'hot & spicy' (orange).. the list is endless ! 
(available exclusively at 'Kruidvat' from september 2011 - price 4,99 Euro )

Do you fancy a Kate-Moss make-over ;-) ? who doesn't right ?! well, check out the Facebook page of Rimmel London Belgium and find out how to get that miss Kate look !!



  1. Great look for the Holidays. Red lips and blond hair... killer combo!

  2. I totally agree with Muriel. Blond hair, red lips - awesome combination! ♥


  3. Looove your blog!!!! xoxo

    GUCCI GIVEAWAY on my blog!!!!

  4. beautiful blog!!! ;)

  5. Beautiful color for a lipstick!


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