Friday, December 2, 2011

Les Petit Marseillais - Body Milk

'Mediterranean women have found the secret to a soft skin! The new body range from LPM has all the best ingredients, so that now you can share that secret with the Mediterranean women!'

That is basically what the product info says. At first I thought: well, here goes another slogan. Now, after testing the body milk for a few weeks I’m really convinced! (It's also inexpensive ! )

There are 3 main things that body milk must be/have for me :

-         Absorbs quick into the skin
-         Must contain shea butter (I believe this is the best product!)
-         must smell lovely

I have noticed, after using it a few weeks, that the  LPM body milk absorbs quick into the skin ! In the morning I don't really have hat much time to get ready to go to work. However, I do want to hydrate my skin. This means that I have to use bodymilks that absorbs quickly into the skin ! This one is perfect !
At night I use a bodylotion that is a bit more rich like the 'Baume Nourissant ' from LPM.
Good body milk must contain shea butter. The most rich ingredient for your skin, that moisturizes to the fullest.

 My bodylotions must smell sweet :-) I bought some scent-free bodylotions in the past and although the hydratation part was ok, I missed a lovely scent. Therefore, when I buy new bodylotions I always check that they are scented !

These are the other products from the same range as the body milk that I've tested and reviewed above.

Have you used a Les Petit Marseillais product before ?

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