Monday, December 5, 2011

new to the LUSH family

                                                         Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon

I think I can safely say that everyone love macarons ! It was only a matter of time before the first bubble bar macaron (aka bubbleroon) was created! 2 round bubble bars with cocos crème in the centre that holds the ends together!

Ro’s Argan body conditioner

This lovely body conditioner smells like roses and contains the most nourishing and heeling ingredients they could find!  
You use it like a hair conditioner, this means that you apply it all over your body and then you rinse it off with water. I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m very tempted! It’s a bit different from the usual shower gels because it contains so many good ingredients!

Dream Steam steamer tab
I’m excited that LUSH created this product! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m buying me one of these soon ;-)
Now, how do you use a steamer tab? Well, you take a bowl with hot water. Put a steamer tab in the bowl. Bend over, so that the bowl is under your face and put a towel over your head and the bowl. The steamer tab will steam causing it to release an lovely aroma therapeutic fragrance. You can either inhale this fragrance or use it to steam your skin!
I sometimes use a similar product that I buy from the pharmacy when I have a cold, but now I can use the steamer tab from LUSH for skin cleaning as well!

The Dream Steam steamer tab consists out of the same mix of oils as the Dream Cream.



  1. My friend is crazy for these products! I haven't tried yet... :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, cute blog, you have to love lush! :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  3. I love Lush, it's such an innovative company! xx


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