Sunday, December 18, 2011

party look n°2 : Burberry neutrals

Sheer foundation  Trench N° 5

Effortless mascara in midnight black N° 1

Nude Rose  N°25

Midnight Brown N°21

Copper Glow N°02

Hi Everyone,

I hoped that everyone had a nice weekend ? What did you do ? I went shopping for gifts, visited the christmas market and I was invited to discover a new beauty treatment called Indiba (But more about that in  another blogpost !)

Today I wanted to share with you a neutral party-look. Party doesn't always have to be equal to a red lip or bright eyeshadow . Your party make-up can be as amazing using neutral colored make-up . Burberry recently launched it's first make-up line. I was really excited to test these products ! Burberry stands for great classics so I expected nothings less from their make-up collection.

This is the kind of party look that you can wear to a work party and then go straight to your family dinner or meet up with friends.

I love every single product of Burberry ! The mascara is my new favorite ! It's intense black. The eyeshadow is  a brown shimmery color that really makes your eyes pop :-). The neutral bronzer is just the right color to shape your face ! The nude colored lipstick is a lovely brown/pink shade that complements everyone !

Would you go for a nude colored party look ? Have you already tried Burberry make-up ?


  1. hello! nice make up collection you have there! i love what you did with your make up..

  2. Oh how my make up bag is so jealous of yours! Loved that color of lipstick kind of nude-ish but with a little color, looks gorge!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries


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