Thursday, December 22, 2011

Party Look N°3 : Bobbi Brown

Creamy Eye Pencil in Brown Plum
Blush in Pale Pink 9
Lipstick : Party Alice (Party collection 2011)


This is my third party look that I have created. In this look I used 3 main Bobbi Brown items : The Pale Pink Blush  , the party Alice lipstick (from the Bobbi Brown Party collection 2011) & The Brown Plum eye pencil.

At first when I received the pink blush & lipstick I thought that these 2 wouldn't match together. But after some experimentation I found out that this blush & lipstick are a dream combination !!!
I used a brown eye pencil because I wanted a softer look for the eyes .The pink pale blush was used on my entire eyelid (these products are multi-versatile !) I also love the combination of the brown (eye pencil) with the pink (blush used on eyelid)

eyes : 1/  Brown Plum . Draw a fine line close to the lash line and expand a little outside .
          2/ Pale Pink . Use a tiny amount of the blush and put it on the entire eyelid
          3/  fade the Brown pencil line with the pink eye color

cheecks : use the Pale Pink Blush starting from the apples of your cheeks.

Lips : Pale Pink lipstick. this is so easy to use, that I didn't even had to apply it with a brush !

What do you think ? Am I party-proof with this look ?


  1. Wow you look great. Love the blush, it's very girly girl.. as am I

  2. wow, this is a great make up. love it!

    Lovely Greets
    Maren Anita

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  3. wauwww, je haar zit echt super mooi zeg! xx


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