Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kiehl's review

Fashionwise Rating (strictly personal) : 3/5

A while ago I visited the Kiehl's corner at Senteurs D'Ailleurs in Brussels and they adviced me this product to use on top of my daycream. Even when there's no sunshine, you still need SPF protection. Normally I use a daycream that has SPF 15 but this product has SPF 50 ! So, this product beats my daycream with SPF15 .

Positive :
- Very suitable to use during the summer months.
- you can use a daycream without SPF and put the Ultra Light Daily Defense on top!

Negative :
- I believe it's a good product but the texture is still too thick. You still have to work it into the skin if you don't like a white layer :-) showing.

Fashionwise Rating (Strictly personal) : 4/5

For over a year I've been using the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer and I was really happy with that product .. until I started using the Ultra Facial Cream. I've really fallen for this product ! This product has a more liquid texture (like a gel) and the Ultra Facial Moisturizer is more creamy. It really absorbs quickly into the skin.

Positive :
- absorbs quick into the skin.

Negative :
- No SPF

Fashionwise Rating ( strictly personal) : 5/5

Who doesn't know the Creme de Corps from Kiehl's right ?! This famous product from Kiehl's is my favorite bodylotion. It looks yellow but when you apply it on the skin, you won't see any color.

- Keeps the skin moisturized for a really long time
- has no scent. This is a positive thing, for the brand that is , because scents are really subjective. If the scent wouldn't appeal to you, you wouldn't buy it. The Creme de Corps has no scent so its more likely to be bought !

You tell me !


Fashionwise Rating : 3/5

The name is a hand-full :-) but this product contains a large dose of vitamin C. When you apply it, the Vitamin C reacts with the skin, causing a warm feeling . Really nice for those cold winter mornings :-). I haven't been using this product for a long time. That is probably the reason why I haven't noticed reduced lines. You apply the Powerful-Strenght Line-Reducing concentrate before your daycream or nightcream.

- Works great with your daycream because of its very liquid texture

- probably need to use it for a long time before noticing reduced lines

Fashionwise Rating (strictly personal) : 5/5

When I was invited to the Kiehl's presentation a while ago, we were introduced to the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. This is a brand new product ! First we were shown a presentation-video explaning its function then we got the exclusive honor of testing it ! Call me crazy but the spot were they applied this product onto my skin is really clear and has no dark spots in comparison to the other parts of my hand ! I'm convinced ! I have been using this product every day and night  since I got it ! This product will be available form february 2012. so keep an eye on this miracle-worker when it comes out :-)

- It absorbs quick into the skin
-it works well with day&night-cream (meaning that they don't react to each other)

 haven't found any :-)

Fashionwise Rating (strictly personal) : 4/5

Recently Kiehl's has lauched the Midnight Recovery Eye to use with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This little tube will make the dark cirkles under your eyes dissapear and reduce lines. Both the Midnight Recovery eye & concentrate are to be used at before going to sleep.

-The tube makes it easy to apply directly under the eyes.
- After using it every night for a while, it has reduced the darkness under my eyes.

- It doesn't really works it's magic overnight, like the packaging make you believe. It does work, but after using it ceveral weeks.

Fashionwise Rating (strictly personal) : 4/5

You could first read about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate on my blog here. I have been using this product whenever I felt like my skin was really dry and could use a little something extra during the nights. I must warn you this concentrate is really really greasy !

When using this product you shouldn't rub it too hard, that distroyes the internal proces ! So, gently rubbing it into the skin is the best way to apply this concentrate !

When I had a beauty-try-out evening with my best friends a while ago, they opted not to use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate because they felt it was too greasy. Not everyone likes that of course.
Sometimes the skin needs a greasy concentrate during these harsh winter months!

- Really feeds the skin overnight.
-I don't like to use a night cream over this concentrate, because the Midnight Recovery Concentrate does it's magic on its own !

- doesn't absorb quick into the skin, leaving me with a greasy pillow in the morning :-) Sometimes I feel like a lot of the product gets lost on my pillow :-(.  (Not to worry, there is still enough of the product left on your skin though)

Are you using any of these products ? If not, which ones would like to try ?



  1. Ooo fabulous post, love Kiehls i just find it very expensive

    Eda ♥

  2. very very interesting post. thanks for sharing. lovely greets and kisses
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. Very interesting post!!
    i have given your Blog an award on my blog, see here

  4. Great post. I have been using cream du corp body cream from Kielh's for a while now and I love it.


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