Monday, February 20, 2012

Daily Facial cleansers

I wanted to share with you the daily cleansers I use. The well-known 3 step program is my favorite !
 The first step is the (green) liquid facial soap. The second step is the (purple) Lotion which will exfoliate the skin. The last step is the moisturizing lotion. When I use the Clinique program I feel that my face is ├╝ber-clean and every last inch of make-up is gone !  For more information on the Clinique 3-step products, view their site here.

Recently I started using the Nivea natural beauty daily peeling. The product smells rally good ( good enough reason for me to use it ;-) ) and cleans really well . It speaks for itself that it takes less time using the Nivea then the Clinique 3-step pogram, but Clinique still does a better job cleaning the skin !

But in all honesty, I still have days when I'm even too tired to use these products and just clean my face with make up wipes and water ...


  1. Clinique it's my favourite cosmetic brand! I use som creams and are amazing.


  2. honestly I'm a sucker for smell and packaging . If it smells nice, chances are that I've already bought it.


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