Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mascara Battle

L'Oréal Double Extension  Fashionwise Rating 3/5 (strictly Personal)

I must say that I don't use the white end at all ! I only use the black end. This mascara gives me full & long lashes. This mascara however does tend to stick eyelashes together.

Rimmel London Day 2 Night Fashionwise Rating 2/5 (strictly personal)

Special about this mascara is that it opens in 2 layers. When you open the first layer you can lenghten your lashes. By opening the second layer the brush gets thicker and it will give you more volume. It's a fun gadget, but I don't find this mascara the best one I ever tried. It's sort of inbetween.. 

Maybelline Great Lash Fashionwise Rating 2/5 (strictly personal)

This cult mascara is probably known by everyone. It really blackens the eyelashes and it gives a bit of volume.

Sephora Lash Plumper Fashionwise Rating 3/5(strictly personal)

This mascara really thickens the eyelashes without making the eyelashes stick together. It doesn't really makes the eyelashes appear longer though.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Fashionwise Rating 4/5

This really is a brilliant mascara. It lenghtens, it gives volume, the lashes don't stick together. The only negative remark I have is that this mascara dryes out in less than a month ! For that price, it could of lasted a bit longer ...Therefore I only gave it 4 out of 5.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fashionwise Rating 5/5 (strictly personal)

Everything is perfect about this mascara : the price, it lenghtens, it gives volume, it doesn't dry out that quickly, the eyelashes don't stick together... just perfect! This is my go-to mascara. This mascara has even won some beauty awards ! Max Factor has made some very good mascara's, and they are used by many make-up artists (including Lisa Eldrigde !) .
I've checked with the PR agancy and the newest mascara that will be launched from Max Factor is the False Lash Effect Fusion which will be a combination of the False Lash Effect & Lash Extension mascara's (only available at Kruidvat in Belgium) Can't wait to try that one !

Rimmel London Volume Accelerator Fashionwise Rating 3/5 (Stricly personal)

This mascara thickens the lashes. I've noticed with this product that you shouldn't use too much product, otherwise the lashes tend to stick together. 1 Layer gives a great result !

Burberry Effortless Mascara -Midnight Black no.01 Fashionwise Rating 4/5 (strictly personal)

I was really cuirous to try the Burberry make-up collection.You can read my review about the Burberry collection and the look I created with these products here
After trying the Burberry mascara I was completely sold! Not only the product is great (gives you really black full & long lashes), but also the design of the packaging is amazing. It looks very exclusive and it feels heavy.

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Fashionwise Rating 1/5 (strictly personal)

This mascara contains a serum that helps the lashes grow. At first I thought that this 2-in-1 product would be amazing . But after trying it, I noticed that the serum leaves a residu on the lashes which creates a messy effect. So I'm not a big fan of this mascara ...

Maybelline Colossal & Colossal Volum' & Volum' Express  Fashionwise Rating 3/5

It's kind of strainge but I don't really have much to say about these mascara's. They aren't amazing , but they're not bad so I guess they are somewhere inbetween. They give a bit of volume but not like you have grown a million lashes overnight.

Fashionwise Mascara Tip :
It's impossible to say that 1 mascara is the best macara, because a lot of people expect different things from a mascara. Some like to lenghten their lashes while others just like some volume. The key is to mix & match mascara's and layer them ! Most make-up artists don't just use 1 mascara to create a look . They mix different ones like : volume mascara's with lenghtening ones or they just use combinations which for them create the ultimate result ! Try it and let me know what you think !



  1. I love the MaxFactor mascara's, heb er al een paar gebruikt en ben van elke al tevreden geweest!
    Wel benieuwd naar burberry ook!


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