Sunday, March 4, 2012

Estée Lauder - Pure Color Topaz

No make-up ! Let's begin :-)

Finding the right foundation is always hard. The Estée Lauder representatives can guide you to find your color match. Don't hesitate to ask, they help you with a smile !

base : The yellow color of the 'Five color Eyeshadow Palette'
Line : she draws a thick line with a blue eye pencil (doesn't have to be perfect)
She draws the line a bit thicker at the ends (She does that with a reason -> see pic below)

she uses the other end of the eye pencil to smudge out the ends into the crease of the eyelids to create a bit of dept. Btw : I really like the combination of the yellow color with the deep blue !

use the same blue eye pencil and draw a line on the bottom lash line

Karine Vandenbrouck had a very good tip if you have eyelashes that don't curl easily :
press your mascara brush against your lashes and hold it for a few seconds! 
Karine also had another good tip: 
Use your lipgloss first and then use your lipstick on top of your lipgloss to create fuller lips !

Karine also explained that she uses her eye cream after she put her liquid foundation on. 

These are all the products that Karine used to create my look (except for the nail polish ,  in love with that blue color !)

the yellow color from the Estée Lauder palette on the left was used as a base on the eyelid.

Sensuous Rouge lipstick is very clever lipstick . The center contains a balm so that your lips are really moisturized !

the result !

Thes are the 2 items that I received from the Topaz New Pure Color collection
Illuminating Powder Gelée ( a illuminating highlight powder ) and the Pure Color Gloss by Tom Pecheux 

José Van den Ven is the Estée Lauder representative @ Inno who can help you with all your questions about the products. She helps you with a smile and is a real pro ! She will be @ Inno Antwerp (Meir) the 17/3 & 31/3 . One week you can find her @ the Inno Leuven stand and the next week she's @ Inno Antwerp . 

Special thanks to Karine, Dominique & José !

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  1. Hele mooie look!! Oohh de Estee Lauder advanced night repair staat al eeuwen op m'n verlanglijstje, maar helaas.. te duur!:( Lots of Love xoxo


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