Monday, March 26, 2012

INDIBA treatment


Last winter, I had the pleasure of undergoing an INDIBA treatment.
INDIBA is really popular abroad and is slowely concurring the Belgian market for beauty treatments. The French national football team actually uses the INDIBA treatment on their players !

Without getting to technical, I'll try to explain how the INDIBA treatment works. The exclusive INDIBA patented technology works at 448khz long wave frequency to create the 'proionic' effect inside the tissue of the skin. According to INDIBA, the 448khz long wave frequency is the ideal frequency to activate the ionic exchange inside the skin tissue. I had to lay down on the silver plate, that way it caused a closed circuit for the long wave frequency.

The INDIBA treatment exists out of the combination of gelcreams, special equipment and the INDIBA machine causing the same long wave frequency. The temperature gets really hot. You are given a remote control so that you can lower the temperature when it gets to hot. I instantly noticed that this isn't your average masaage-serum-spa treatment. This is really ' a treatment'. So I felt bit scared when I was given the remote control (thinking - how hot can it get ?!), but my fear wasn't necessary becaus I didn't get too hot :-)

The INDIBA treatment acts on these problem zones :

• face wrinkles and expression Lines 
• bags under the eyes
• skin rejuvenation
• skin tightening
• cellulite
• localised fat
• out of shape hips
• post partum
• saggy arms
When I had my treatment, I asked them to focus on my problem areas like : bags under the eyes, skin tightening, blue circles under my eyes. After I had my treatment, I was advised to keep my face warm for about an hour (so I couldn't walk outside too long) otherwise the effect of the treatment would vanish. It was a completely new treatment for me and I think that in my 40's I will do this treatment monthly because I've heard such good reviews about INDIBA.

I've you like to know more about INDIBA : 

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