Tuesday, March 13, 2012

L'Oréal Professional - TecNiArt

These represent my favorite products from their range!

TecNiaRT – Full Volume (5) – I use it when I create an up-do
TecNiaRT – Snow Mousse (3) – For soft & shiny hair (Enter my competition here to WIN this product ! )
TecNiaRT – Gloss Control (3) – To give a nice shine on my hair
TecNiaRT – Liss Control (1) – I use it on the ends of my hair
TecNiaRT – Frost Jelly (3) – makes my hair easy to comb afterwards
TecNiaRT – Air Fix (5) – I use a small amount to fix my hair before I leave the house

Hi Everyone,
I received these products a while back. It’s not the first time that I’ve tested L’Oréal Professional products before. I’m always pleased with their product, that’s why I was really looking forward to test the 2 newbie’s to the L’Oréal Professional family: Snow Mousse (already reviewed here) and Frost Jelly!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … For me products have to smell lovely. I don’t like using products for my face, body or hair that aren’t scented.

When I used the Frost Jelly for the first time, I immediately fell for its lovely scent (not kidding – addicted to its scent by now). The Frost Jelly has a special texture as well. You apply just a small amount on to towel dry hair and you will see that the jell will melt once applied on the hair! This product is targeted for women with normal to thick hair. Its goal is to make your hair shiny, fizz-free, easy to comb, more sleek. I can already hear you say it: that’s a lot for just 1 product. Well ladies … let Frost Jelly surprise you... I do believe that it does all those things! In fact, I use it every time I wash my hair!!

You must think that I’m just raving about these products just because I got them for free. Let me tell you … I will buy them again! I’ve always used L’Oréal Professional products (already talked about here ); I even go to a neighboring country just so that I can buy the really big bottles of their product range :-)

I had a lot of testing to do :-) ! For those of you who follow me on twitter & Facebook Fanpage know that I received this amazing package a few weeks ago.
For these past weeks I enjoyed playing with these products. I can tell you in all honoutsy that I'm a real fan of these products !

How about you, have you tried any of these products before ? Let me know !



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