Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Estée Lauder - Invisible Fluid Make-up

Invisible Fluid foundation (shown in pic) in 1CN1

wearing Invisible Fluid Make-Up in 1CN1

Products details  - all Estée Lauder :
Highlighter : Topaz Chameleon Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee (Topas Collection Spring 2012)
Lipgloss : Citron Kiss (Topaz Collection Spring 2012)
Foundation : Invisible Fluid Make-up in 1CN1
eyeshadow palette  from Blockbuster set 2008 .

Hi Everyone,
A while back I received the latest foundation from Estée Lauder. The Invisible Fluid foundation. I've been wearing this foundation for the past weeks now and I've fallen in love with it :-).
This foundation has just the right amount of coverage to cover up any imperfections without showing it! It feels as if you're not wearing foundation !

The last weeks I reveived remarks from co-workers telling me that I don't need to wear foundation because they say I have good skin (uhum, you should see me without the, and that they love my freckles :-) They all thought I wasn't wearing foundation ! LOL! Now, I have to admit ... I'm one of those girls who loves to cover up my freckles and wear a good amount of foundation ;-) . Hearing all those positive remarks about the new Estée Lauder foundation has changed my habits foundation-wise :-) No more covering up those freckles !

The other positive fact about this foundation is that it doesn't fade away. Haven't you felt that by the end of the day, some foundations have dissapeared ? Well, the Invisible Fluid foundation stays put all day ! It also doesn't feel too greasy.

Now, I'm really curious to see how this foundation reacts when I take it with me on summer vacation. Let's see if it stays put during 30°C !  I'll keep you informed!

But for now .....Fashonwise <3 the new Invisible Fluid Line foundation from Estée Lauder

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