Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Recently Kneipp has redesigned their packaging. The packaging looks more modern and tempting to try , according to me !
Their shampoo range is really good for your hair because of all the natural ingrediants.
I've smelled a few of their products from the haircare line at the presentation and I already have some favorites scents which I will share with you in a later blogpost, because they aren't shown in the picture above.
Would you buy a haircare product from Kneipp?  
my favorite product? the lavender oil !
I made one of my readers really happy with the lavender body oil (center) btw  ;-)

I always have the Eucalyptus products  from kneipp in my bathroom like this bath foam on the left ! I'm also a big fan of their oil products !

no more feet problems thanks to these !

I must say that I haven't tested all of these products yet ! You can always find some Kneipp products in my bathroom like the eucalyptus scented products as well as their oil products.

 I need your help . Which are your favorite products from Kneipp and why? and more importantly :Which Kneipp product would you like to test yourself ? ;-) let me know below :-)


  1. Ik ben fan van de Lavendel producten, zo'n zalige geur!!

  2. I still have a foot set from Kneipp in my closet but the packaging is just not appealing enough for me. The new packaging however seems nicer indeed!

  3. Oh, dat ziet er allemaal zalig uit!

  4. I always use their eucalipthus produce when I'm sick... pure delight.

  5. I'm a huge fan, but I've never tried the hair products, I'm not sure why. The packaging looks lovely! xoxo


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