Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make me a Bronze Goddess

It's back ;-) . This limited edition fragrance is a real summer fragrance. It's smells like a day on the beach . Fashionwise <3 !!!! This fragance will go with me on holiday for sure ! I even use it on depressing rainy days, so that I feel a little bit like I'm on vacation ;-) 

Bronze Goddess Capri : 56,80 EUR (available from 3/4/2012)

Since my teenage years, I have tested loads of self-tan products let me tell ya ;-) From expensive ones like Clarins to cheap ones like L'Oréal. Before testing the Bronze Godess Self-Tan, I had 1 favorite : the Clarins self-tan spray. Now, I have another one: the Estée Lauder Bronze Godess Self-Tan.  It doesn't only come in spray form, but I prefer spray-forms to cremes. 

It's said that the Bronze Goddess range is the replacement for the Tom Ford Azurée Soleil (note : same company ;-) ) when they stopped producing this very popular range there were loads of request from fans. Estée Lauder was smart enough to reproduce the range under there name !

The Bronze Godess self-tan leaves you with a nice bronze glow the next day. It's not an extreme bronze tan, but more like a  -I-went-to-the-the-beach-this-weekend  kind of tan ! If you apply it correctly, you don't get stains! Really amazing product ! I would even advise this product to people who want to try self tanning for the first time. 

How do I use it?
1/ Shake the bottle gently (it's not really mentioned but it can't hurt right! That's what I always do)
2/ Spray-Tan the Body part you want and and spread it out with your hands. It's easy when you do this in your shower, than you clean up easily afterwards 
3/ when you're all done, ways your hands with soap and hot water. 

Bronze Goddess Self-Tan Spray for body : 30,50 EUR (available from 3/4/2012)



  1. Seeing all of this... can't wait for summer to begin.
    The smell of summer, sun lotion, floral perfumes, tanning lotion, flowers, beach, sea...

    I really like the packaging.
    Wonder if it smells as good as it looks.

  2. Oeeh I'd Love to try out this bronzer! xoxo


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