Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Interior design Inspiration

all images from Google

napkin holders


A nice way to add some intersting details to a bookshelf

the very popular Turquoise Foo Dogs, just have to have them in my home !

I love how the white of the sea decorations stands out from the dark wooden sidetable

It's just the right mix of blue and white . Also lovin the Chinese Vase, I would put large hot pink flowers in those vases to give it a colourful touch!

Hi Everone,
The reason why I wanted to share my Interior Design inspiration with you, is because I'm currently looking at appartments. In fact, later on I will be visiting an appartment that looks great on paper - hopefully it will be as amazing in real life !
Since a while now, I've been looking online for some ideas or tips on how I want my home to look like. I've decided to keep it light by using a lot of white (coach, tables, etc) and I want to add color by using colorful decoration pieces.(seen above)
At the beginning of this week, I ordered 'Style & Substance' by Margaret Rusell that shows the best of from Elle Decor USA! Really looking forward to reading and seeing those pics :-) Hope they deliver it soon ...
have a great day & wish me luck ! ;-)


  1. I looove all the pictures. I want, I want, I want!!!!

  2. Those are really lovely spaces especially the first one, there is definitely a touch of femininity and glam in there.

  3. I Love all of the pictures! amazing! xoxo

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  5. So it is very important that the furniture you purchase should be comfortable and practical.

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