Monday, April 16, 2012

Sun protecting haircare products

Redken Color Extend Sun collection. I'm loving the scent of these products !

This after sun mask is really amazing. I've used it ceveral times now (I know, .. the sun hasn't been shining much lately but I'm just addicted to it's scent :-p) The mask has a really good texture. It nurishes your hair without making it creasy ! Perfect! How to apply ? Normally you would use a hairmask once a week but when your hair is exposed a lot to the sun (aka vacation!) you can use it more than once a week. I use a hairmask every other day when I'm on vacation. I dye my hair so I need extra care !

This product is genius. Most brands have oily sprays to protect your hair from the sun during the day, but REDKEN has come up with a mousse that is really easy to apply and again not greasy ! I'm not a big fan of most sun procteting sprays for your hair during the day. Why would I make my hair greasy right? Therefore I'm a big fan of this mousse from REDKEN!

L'Oréal Professional Solar Sublime collection. They have a fruity scent, which gives you that instant summer-vibe !

I've been using the L'Oréal Professional products for ages now, so I know that you can't go wrong with these products. During my vacation I especially use sun protecting products for my hair because I dye my hair and it's extra sensitive in the sun. I notice that if I don't use those products, my hair gets really dry and the only cure for my dry ends would be a haircut. So, in order to avoid making my hair shorter (yes, I'm one of those girls) I'd like to be one step ahaid and use sun protecting products. The only thing I personally don't like is the sprays (something about spraying oil on my hair scares me ... ).

Everyone protects their skin from the sun, why not your hair?


  1. Super cute looking products and they sound really fab too, so important to remember hair-care in the summer!


  2. I know that this sun protecting hair care products absolutely fits this summer. I think that it would prevent your hair from too much dryness from the heat of the sun. I think that I would be using this amazing hair care products to protect my hair.

  3. If you are primarily interested in having a hairdo that follows the natural tendencies of your hair, one that calls for skillful cutting, don't go to a shop where permanents are the main stock in trade.


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