Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holiday skin prep : Scrub by LUSH

Hi Everyone, 

How to prep your skin in advance for a holiday vacation ? By scrubbing it !
 I'm a real LUSH fan, so I had high hopes for this Rub Rub Rub. Any girl (and guy) should have al least 1 scrub product ! It doesn't only makes your skin glow, it also preps the skin so that your tan stays much longer ( aka holiday essential ! ) I use to think that by scrubbing the skin, I would loose my tan -> so not true ! Scrub Scrub Scrub has an amazing scent : think sea, fresh, holiday ! Just what I need. Now my skin feels so soft and hydrated. I'm hooked on this scrub ;-) Next time you go to the LUSH store, do check out this scrub and smell it ;-) you will love the scent !

13,95 Euro - - - 



  1. Ziet er leuk uit met dat blauw!:) xoxo

  2. Looks like tropical island water... great for starting my holiday. Thanks for the tip. I will definetly run by my LUSH store next weekend..


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