Saturday, May 26, 2012

LUSH - Handy Gurugu

I actually wanted to share with you a personal favorite of mine today..
This hand cream doesn't only smell great it's also very hydrating.  Somehow when I use this hand cream on my hand and nails, my nails shine more and my hands stay hydrated for much longer (than my usual hand creams ). It's the richest hand cream that LUSH sells. My favorite ingredients all in one : Pumkinseed butter, Rose water, Fair trade organic; almond oil. Now you know why it's their richest hand cream ;-). I've been using it a lot. I love carrying it my bag. So I replaced my last hand cream ( Widmer) with this one and I must say that I never want to use another one. So, I hope you lovely people from LUSH never stop making this fab product pretty pleassseeee :-)
Have you already tried this one ?


  1. I´ve heard so many amazing things about Lush I can´t wait to get my hands on their products...I am lucky enough there´s one here in my city yeii!

    The Black Label

  2. I just love Lush packiging... wonder what it smells like. Must try it when I'm @ Lush next week.


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