Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 3 Sinai Bay with ClubMed

walking along the coastline, relaxing and thinking of nothing :-)

The boyfriend went sailing :-) I'm just glad that both he and I can do the things we like . I love that this watersport is included in the all-in !

Sometimes you see them passing by the coastline .. Funny how that 1 guy is on his mobile :-p so much for tradition ;-)

when we went to our room to change, we found our beds all made up as usual but this time they did something extra :-)

The Egyptian show @ the hotel

 this is the main path along the coastline at the resort, I always focus on this path to find my way back to my room :-)

the outside bar (next to the main pool)

Another day in paradise.... sorry for the cliché but it's true. Here in ClubMed you are really treated like royalty. Everyone is super friendly and at your service ... I like this hotel so much ! The boyfriend and I are really enjoying our time here.
See you tomorrow !! Now, I'm off to the restaurant El Quitun !

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