Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 6 : Sinai Bay with ClubMed

Yesterday was the all white party . Almost everyone was dressed in an all white outfit that matched the idyllic decor ! It really was pretty to see the lay-out of tables beside the pool area.

 outside buffet 

then it was time for the White party on the rooftop of the building which has great sea views . At this point I was almost melting in my white dress so I changed into something less warm and not white ;-) 

After the rooftop party ended at around 1 o'clock, We all continued the party at the Sinai Bay club which has a great lounge area. It's very cosy there ! Now I'm off to go to dinner on my last day here in Sinai Bay. I'll miss being treated like royalty :-)


1 comment

  1. Too bad you changed your outfit 'cause the white dress looked stunning on you...
    Anyway, looked like a great party ;-)



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