Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DESSANGE new beauty hotspot

A team of 22 people is ready to spoil you @ DESSANGE ! Every hair stylist has there own technique and skill !

You probably know that MAC is from Estée Lauder, well Dessange make-up range is from Guerlain ! So, you know you will get good quality when you buy a Dessange make-up product !

creamy blushes

great eye palettes!

the Dessange beauty products are from the same creators as Sothys ! 

why not get your hair AND make-up done at the same time ! It's possible chez Dessange !

but why stop there ? When you can have a foot massage/treatment as well !

looks inviting, no?

and just to finish it off, you can get your nails done that same day ;-) 

Can't wait to try it out? I can't blaim ya ;-)  Here where you have to be :

Place Stéphanie 12A


  1. oooh looks lovely! could use some pampering! xoxo

  2. what a luxury, good for you dear :)


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