Monday, June 11, 2012

Event Report : P&G Beauty Expo

maXfactor has developed these new Flipsticks ! 2 different shades (1 shiny shade) which you can play around with! Below you can see how many different ways you can apply the colors ! 

Let's begin the MU workshop ! You can see the result here...

Alex Valverde maXfactor's make-up artist at work !

Braun has come up with a new appliance that makes it easy to get rid of your hairs semi-permanent with the help of light. First you have to do a test to check if your skin is not too fair or to dark (because the appliance doesn't work on certain skin tones. That's why they have -what seems to be - a remote control to do a check beforehand. 

Braun's new blender ! WANT !! I just love how BRAUN always think about the elegant design of their appliances. This one would be perfect in my kitchen ;-) (hello Boyfriend, are you reading this ? ;-))

yummy healthy cocktails thanks to the new BRAUN blender !


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