Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interior Design: Ghost Chairs

all images from Google

This is the combination that I just bought for my Kitchen ! I ordered the Ghost Chairs at a Dutch website called Alterego  (see pic above) . They are great quality and oh my the service ... They were delivered almost as quickly as I oreded them ! Their prices are also correct! I had been looking for these Ghost Chairs for a long time and every time I found them in a shop -> they were tooo expensive ! AlterEgo luckily had just the right price !. You can order them online here.

My inspiration for my Kitchen interior design was a mixture of these 2 images above. I wanted a round table (bought at IKEA here) but I didn't want to make it too modern, that is why I opted for the chandelier above the table that I ordered online on Maison Du Monde here.

I just love the mixture of classic design mixed with modern pieces and a whole lot of white ;-)
What do you think about my Kitchen fourniture buys ? I'll show you a picture when my place is completely renovated :-)

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  1. I think it will look great, super curious to see your place when it's finished!


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