Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPhone Diary

Chunkie & Me -> He clearly wasn't in the mood for a photoshoot :-)

I've used these products to create a hairdo during the weekend. The REDKEN Quick Tease has the same effect as backcombing! I love it because it actually is true. A review is coming up!

This Wella Hairspray smells amazing :-) I admit that I use the hairspray just because it smells lovely ;-)

My new fashion obsession ? This shoe available at . This is a Belgian online store that has some amazing unique and popular shoes

my renewed love goes to this Burberry MU collection. It's the first MU line that Burberry developped and wowed the MU critcics ! The packaging, the pigmentation, the colors = <3

An all Black outfit with Zara leather trousers and Black Birkin Bag

This weekend I was hired to do some shopping for a client, this was my casual outfit that I wore!


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  1. Cute cat and cute outfit. Have fun shopping for you're client.


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