Monday, July 23, 2012

Iphone Diary

my new project : Framed Walls. It's such a precise work that I've only managed to get 6 frames on the wall, only 9 more to go :-). Then I have the fun job of selecting black&white pictures! #gogogo

my chandelier is finally in it's place :-) It took us 4 hours to hang this baby becaus of it's size and weight!

new sales buys : smart clothes with a twist

my crisp white sofa that arrived last week

my casual outfit @ the office

still have to organise this closet so that everything matches :-)


1 comment

  1. curious lady, what do you do for a living? the frames, i have more or less the same wall, but i hanged them randomly, because i don't have the patience to be that precise ;)


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