Monday, August 20, 2012

New from Nivea - Aqua Effect

Hi Everyone, 

I received all these new beauty products from Nivea recently.  Nivea is a well known brand since a long time. My grandmother always used Nivea (you know the big blue jar ?) well, she used it as day creme & bodycreme since when she was little and she's barely got wrinkles. I say, bring it on then :-)
So what's new ? 

(L-> R)
- Aqua effect Tonic (normal to mixt skin)
-Aqua Effect Lait Démaquillant (normal to mixt skin)
-Aqua Effect daycreme (dry to sensitive skin)
- Aqua effect Regenerating night creme

-Aqua Effect Cleansing wipes(normal to mixt skin)
-Aqua Effect masks ( peel-off /Purifying/nourishing)

I had the pleasure of trying these. Here are my favorites :
1/the day creme because it's light,  not too greasy and smells amazing :-). It's handbag-size as well ;-)
2/ The masks are something I would definitely buy again. They work! Great price also.
3/ The tonic is really refreshing and if I'm not wearing make-up, I use it to refresh my face throughout the day.

Not really a fan of :
- the night creme, just because it's a bit too greasy for me for summer.
-The aqua Effect lait démaquillant (cleansing milk), because I feel that it doesn't get rid of all the dirt on my skin after a long day . 

Have you tried any of these products before ? What did you think of them ? 



  1. I'm trying them out as we speak;) xoxo

  2. I just bought all of the Nivea face masks... they smells yummy.



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