Wednesday, August 29, 2012

REDKEN heat styling thermo actif

Hi Everyone,

As you might have seen on my blog/ FB / instagram or twitter... I have been styling my hair a lot lately. This means that my hair could use some help :-) . Here's what I use ! These..

new REDKEN products (spray & gel/cream) help protect my hair against the heat of all the styling tools. I especially like the duo shield . This product contains a gel & cream . I only take small amount of it and mix them both in my hand before applying them on my hair. I don't like to use them both at once. I fighter choose the cream or the spray depending on my mood :-)

The duo shield not only protects my hair from the heat, but it gives shape(volume) as well. Whereas the spray (Iron Shape) is made especially for heating irons

When you use a styling tool, do you use heat protecting products ? Which ones have you already tried & loved ? Let me know below ;-)



  1. I'm thinking about buying a curling iron (do not neet a flattening iron since my hair is soooo flat already) so these products might come in handy!
    Your hair always looks lovely <3

  2. Last day I bought the spray because I saw your post and I wanted to share my opinion with you.
    Thanks soooo much for recommending this to me. I thought it worked so well. My hair didn't feel greasy or heavy. And I really noticed a 'healthy glow'-cast that was left over my hair.

    A real lifesaver.. well, hair-saver anyway. Thanks



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