Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty Routine

These products are in my current beauty routine. In the morning I use the Bioderm Sensibio H2O to wipe away all the excess dirt. Then I apply the Lancaster Suractif Volume Contour which contains some shimmer and lightens up my face immediately. The Lancaster product brings back the volume in your face that you naturally loose when getting older. I know, I’m not that old … but you can never start to soon right?! Oh and a great bonus about this product is the lovely scent!

After that, I use the Nivea Aqua Sensation day creme. This is such a light and fresh daycreme, which I absolutely like. It helps me wake up in the morning ;-) . It also immediately absorbs into the skin thanks to its gel-like formula.
Once a week I use the Covent Des Minimes Polishing Crème with 3 beneficial Roses before going to bed to really cleanse my skin. It doesn’t irritate my skin. Obviously my skin looks a bit redder than normal, but that’s a side effect that every scrub has on the skin, even the mildest one.

My night creme of the moment is the Nivea Aqua effect. The texture of the Nivea is much thicker than the daycreme, but I believe that the skin could use some extra hydration during the night.

The Sensibio H2O I bought @ iU
The Covent Des Minimes Polishing Crème is for sale @ Ici Paris Xl
Nivea products are available @ your local drugstore
Lancaster Suractif Volume Contour is available @ Ici Paris Xl



  1. And the Clinique clarifying lotion? :-D
    Would love to try the Bioderma micellair water, everybody seems to love it!


  2. Great post! I like Bioderma!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Angela Donava


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