Friday, September 7, 2012

Press Presentation : ICI PARIS XL

15 new lovely colors ! These colors only cost you 4,95 EUR ! I've spotted some lovely metallic shades in this collection (big trend for fall !)  Go get them babes ;-) 

Only You hand wash / hand Lotion. My favorite ? the Pomegrenade/Passion duo . I will buy them soon . They only cost 4,95 EUR for the hand wash & 5,95 EUR for the hand lotion ! It's a bargain !

OMG ! These are real diamonds everyone ! If only I could of taken that one home, .. ;-)
Thois limited edition travel spray has a diamond ring (40 stones) ! Only a few of these will be sold throughout Belgium @ Ici Paris XL.. the best part ? you can take of the ring and wear it !!!

Once I smelled this fragrance, I was sold :-) I 'm a real sucker for sweet scented perfumes ;-) The best part ? I got to take it home with me ! #Love it ! 
Especially Escada Delicate Notes 
Eau de toilette 30ml = 43 EUR
Eau de toilette 50ml = 60 EUR
Eau de toilette 75ml = 75 EUR

Qiriness has always been a great brand.  I got to take home the Caress Regard Sublime (55 EUR) to test, which is an anti)aging crème fort eyes and lips !

Qiriness testing ;-)

Philosophy menthe scented scrub for the holidays ! 'Candy Cane' --->  <3 nbsp="nbsp" td="td">

Philosophy holiday gifts ! preview .... (can't wait to get my hands on this box ;-) ) they are vanilla-scented btw ;-)

Philosophy is finally selling the amazing  lip glosses seperately  !

Christian BRETON, doesn't ring a bell ? This brand is highly popular because of it's 'believe'. They say that all-in-1 products can't work. There will always be substances in it that will fight each other. Therefore they have products that for every 'problem' . For instance there most popular product : Eye Priority Liftox. It's an anti-wrinckle serum that fills, lifts & firms the eye area. This product includes snake poisen look a like Peptode, Caviar & collagen for an amazing result !
I've tested this product on the spot and ... ladies it works immediately !!!! It lasts for a few hours (not forever) and is great when you need to attend a party and want immediate result ! You can expect a review of this product because I was lucky enough to take it home ! (available exclusively @ ICI PARIS XL in octobre 2012)

Tweezerman = a brand that everybody knows , right ?! Look at this cool concept ! You can buy your tweezers and collect the lovely charms that go with them ! so cute :-)

Givenchy Smile 'n Repair collection. This new skincare range from Givenchy will take care of your wrinkles but at the same time still allow you to have an expression. How ? MotionCorrect-complex! I'll be testing the Sérum anti-rides Intesif , and you can expect a review ;-)

Sérum anti-rides Intesif (93,79 EUR)
Crème Anti-Rides Perfectrice SPF 15 ((93,79 EUR)
Crème Anti-Rides Yeux (60,47 EUR)

I'm always curious about the textures of these products ;-) #TestMode

These colors are A-MA-ZING ! This limited edition palette eyeshadows are shimmering and they have the necessary pigmentation to make your eyes pop ! (Acoustic Harmony N°80 from Givenchy)

Le Prisme Visage from Givenchy in Acoustic Pastel N°88. Love the softness of the colors ...

The new nail polish from Givenchy looks amazing ! (Acoustic Purple N°180)

Givenchy Rouge Interdit  Shine in Acoustic Wild Rose (it's really transparent when you apply it on your lips! great texture !)

Le Couvent des Minimes - Eau Aimable Cologne smells amazing ! It's not your typical sweet perfume scent; but a more earthly sophisticated scent. That's why I love it so much. you can also use it as home fragrance, which I would totally use it for !
100ml = 25 EUR
250ml =35 EUR
500ml = 45 EUR

Le Couvent des Minimes - Gardener's hand Healer.

All of these products will be sold exclusively @ ICI PARIS XL !!


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