Monday, October 8, 2012

At home

Hi Everyone, 

I recently got asked about what I wear at home. It's actually a great question. You see a lot of outfitposts from me from events & parties, but never one of me at home !

You never know who stops by unexpected at night ;-) . We all know that feeling when you're sitting at home (already) in your PJ's and then suddenly you hear the doorbell... crap ! That's why I always wear a basic comfy outfit ,like the one above, at home :-).

My outfit above : Here I'm wearing my comfy UGGS a loose blouse from h&m and skinny jeans from Mango. Sometimes I also leave the house in my comfy outfit when I need to go to the grocery store ;-) 

So, tell me .. what do you wear when you're relaxed home ?



  1. like your uggs so much!!
    Angela Donava

  2. Nice to see your casual side too :-)
    I always wear homesuits or comfy sweaters at home, love that feeling!



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