Thursday, November 1, 2012

Corine de Farme :Leçon de séduction

Hi Everyone, 

I recently got these 2 fragrances , but couldn't smell them because I had a cold. 
Now, I'm totally better and can test these 2 fragrances from Corine des Farme Paris. My favorite out of these 2 is the left one which is just named Leçon de séduction. They both smell fruity, but the left one is a bit 'lighter' than the right one which is named Leçon de séduction n°2. . 
The bottle itself looks super cute with the black bow-tie. Apart from the fact that they look cute, they are also really affordable : 9,95 EUR !
If you are looking for an affordable fragrance that smells a bit heavier, but is still fruity then this perfect! 
I like to keep a perfume bottle at my office in case I forgot it in the morning. The more expensive perfume bottles I keep in my bathroom because it presents beautiful. I opt for less expensive ones to keep at my work or in my car. 
How about you ? 


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  1. The purple one smells amazing. very fruity and fresh.



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