Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 1: Paris with Thalys

The free wifi @ Thalys is such a luxury. I was able to answer some mails and do some blogging  before I arrived in Paris.
On my nails I'm wearing Estée Lauder 'Le Smoking' nail polish. My pink laptop case is from Marc Jacobs and my pink snoody is from H&M.

we enjoyed a nice breakfast in first class, perfect way to start our Paris adventure !
My travel outfit was warm & cosy with a lot of layers. My necklace is from COS and my studded cardigan is from find it here ) and my fluffy jumper is from Mango.

It wasn't the best weather in Paris;-). Rainy & windy which messed up my straightened hair :-)
My leopard coat is from Essentiel. It kept me warm ! My speedy bag is from Louis Vuitton.
Paris is so pretty, even with all the rain, even this subway stop looks romantic. The subway is the best way to travel when in Paris. The only problem is that there aren't a lot elevators or escalators. I've seen a lot of women struggle with strollers. That's probably the reason why I've noticed that a lot of  families with kids take cabs to get across town. 

It's so important to wear comfy shoes. These Be&D sneakers (very popular in NY!) are not only super comfy, but at the same time really fashionable and fun. You can order them here on The ShoeOnTheCake website also sells the really popular  Chiara Ferragni shoes! (get them here)
Before I left for Paris, I treated my shoes with a water-resistant spray.... Almost as if I knew what was coming ;-). I walked with these in the rain, but my feet didn't get wet at all.
When visiting a city, you know that there will be a lot of walking evolved, that's why it's best to pack a pair of flats.

This is the second time that I visited Paris . My first time was when I attended Paris Fashion Week. I hadn't really have time then to look around because my agenda was really hectic and we were on a tight schedule.
This time I had the chance to really explore the city of love :-).
Thalys has given me the opportunity to visit Paris. I can't wait to go to Ladurée to get those delis Macarons, shop at Colette, stroll along the Seine, see the Eiffel tower @ night, ... and crash in my hotel bed after all that excitement ;-). Hopefully the wether gets better on day 2 !
Do you have any tips for my visit to Paris ?


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