Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tested : Illumina Color from Wella Professional

I always use highlights to get blonder hair. Lately I've been so busy that I haven't been to my hairdresser in over half a year now! You can really tell by the before picture above that there is a huge difference between my blond ends and the darker bit on the top of my head. The Wella Professional hairdresser asked me what I would want from Illumina Color. I said that I like the blond, I deffenitely didn't want to go blonder. She also pointed out that although I have highlights, she couldn't really tell that I have highlights. She said that it seemed like 1 color. We then opted to use 2 different shades of the Illumina Color. 1shade slightly more blonder and 1 shade slightly more darker shade. That way, my hair would look like it was sun kissed and look very natural. 

this book showed all the different shades of Illumina Color.
Here we go !

lol :-)
After washing of the product, the hairdresser used a hair mask and let it warm up a bit under the heater.

The result.
I really love the result, because my hair looks really natural thanks to the 2 different shades that were used. <3 color="color" font="font" illumina="illumina">



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