Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa, ...

Dear Santa,
I would like to share you with you something that is high on my wishlist : Specal T by Nestlé.
I love to drink a cup of thee any hour of the day, but sometimes I don’t have the time to deal with all the fuss that goes with it. If you think of it, there is so much work that goes with making a perfect cup of thee. Boil the water, find the thingee to put the thee extracts in (sometimes little amounts of those extracts get in your thee -> something I don’t like at all!) and … when you could go for another cup of thee … start it all over ?! I don’t think so! Thank you Nestlé of thinking about those of us who don’t have time or simply just don’t want to deal with all the fuss of making the perfect cup of thee!
Special T is on my Xmas wishlist! Out of the 4 colors which you can choose from, I would like you  to bring me the red one ! The red pop of color will look stylish in my kitchen, Santa!  I love the modern design of this appliance as well!
No more fuss thanks to those easy capsules. And there is a lot of variety as well, a wowzing 25 flavors to choose from! Some of my personal favorites are: Rose Amour (that name alone makes me want to have it ;-), Jasmin Flowers, Earl Grey Lime, Supreme Darjeeling, …
actually .. I would like to try them all!!
So Santa, please bring me a Special T from Nestlé! Thanks!
Oh,  and Santa, there are special Introduction offers now on Special T this month like appliance reductions, free capsules, free cups/dishes etc ! Be sure to get it early, I will be ever so thankful ;-)!
Will Santa find Special T on your wishlist?


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