Saturday, December 8, 2012

Event report : Club Med Snow Village

 Club Med always have the best parties ! They always have an amazing venue on a top location ! This time they build a huege chalet on the 'Grote Zavel' which is right in the city center of Brussels . The light in the trees were so pretty, it really was like a winter wonderland !The reason for this Snow Village Vip event was the opening of their newSnow Club Village Pragelato Vialattea in Italy ! We arrived 2 hours in advance and decided to stroll around the city and have pre-party drinks :-). 

The narrow cosy streets near the 'Grote Zavel' in Brussels are really pretty during the holiday season. 

When I came across this antique shop, I was really surprised to see this pretty creature standing in the window. It's so pretty! must of been an amazing animal when it still lived...

The advantages of arriving early at an event ... you get to take pretty pictures ! Thank god we went early because after just 30 minutes the place was crowded !

 So funny, They had this big screen up and all the tweets with #snowvillage came up on the creen ! So bizar to see me up there ;-) !
the bar

when I was still a bit cold :-)

with the Ianthe! Such a sweetie ! I loved her make up & outfit !

Xmas trees hanging from the ceiling (how original!)

Btw this cosy spot was outside ! Club Med has done it again ! such a great party, great people and an amazing venue ! fab event !


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  1. WOW... such a picture perfect setting.
    Soo romantic.
    You looked great by the way.



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