Monday, December 24, 2012

Fashionwise X SMOODS

A big glass screen lets you have a sneakpeek of the stylish interior of SMOODS. It’s located inside Hotel BLOOM! You can enjoy drinks & food in this  trendy decor even if you’re not a hotel guest !

Workaholic as I am, I couldn’t stop tweeting sneakpeeks during my stay ;-) but ... it was too fab not to share, right?!

Passion lounge 
SMOODS has different themed areas. This area had red velvet chairs. It’s so stylish and unique that you just want to hang around until you’ve sat in all the different areas :-) 
(which is exactly what I did:-p )

Just look at how gorge this bar is!  You can order at the bar so that you don’t have to wait until somebody comes around to write down your order! This really saves time and … who doesn’t want to grab the opportunity to look stylish standing next to this bar while ordering your drinks ;-) !

safari lounge 
After we tried several lounge areas. It was time to go to my room and get ready for dinner! I like to change my outfits whenever I have the occasion (me, crazy ?! Yes, Fashion-crazy! :-p )

1 of the things I absolutely love about SMOODS, is that they have an open kitchen which is great because you can see the chefs in action! An open kitchen also means that the chefs are proud of their work and they have nothing to hide! It’s fun watching them prepare your dinner  <3

Flower Power  
I couldn’t believe that they actually reserved me a special spot at their restaurant!  
Then it was time to choose form their  GO WILD menu. 

This is what I choose: 
Mini pizza with foie gras and mushrooms (small plate) 
Pheasant and wood mushroom tartlet (big plate) 
Chocolate fondant with a white chocolate core and orange caramel (dessert)  

Oh…. and SMOODS has thought of everything! You get free private parking when you have dinner or lunch @SMOODS ! The prices are also really affordable (price range up to 18 Euros for a main course!) You don’t even have to make a reservation, you can just stop by.
 (Although if you want to make sure that you get a table, I would recommend making a reservation in advance!) 

They even thought about the little details like: refilling our bread basket whenever it was empty,  checking  up on us regularly by asking if everything was fine, refilling our wine glasses .
 I mean, you really feel like you’re an A-list customer there ! <3 nbsp="nbsp" span="span">

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing me again soon SMOODS ;-) <3 span="span">

For more information on SMOODS visit their :

Special thanks to Marion, Jan & Evy for giving me the opportunity to discover hotel BLOOM! 

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  1. This looks like one incredible place to be and come back everytime...I wish you happy holidays and lots of joy.

    Merry Christmas
    The Black Label


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