Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tested : SunFX spray tan at Instant Spa

Hi Everyone,
I recently tested the Sun FX SPRAY TAN AT Instant Spa Leuven.  
Going for a spay tan was high on my wishing list since a very long time. It took me so long because I was afraid of it. Why was I afraid ?
Well, you hear these stories about people who have a spray tan and then turn orange afterwards.  
Or remember Ross from the Friends episode when he went for a spray tan ? Well, it got me thinking … what if I too forget how to turn inside the booth and come out double sprayed on 1 side … crazy , I know!
I guess that you can say that I was afraid of the unknown and that’s why I took me so long to get a spray tan treatment.
 If  a beauty-specialist like myself -  who isn’t afraid of a little experiment in the name of beauty  - is afraid of getting a spray tan, then there must be others out there too who would like to get a spray tan but are too afraid !
That was why I decided to get over my fear and do something I wanted to do for a long time ! Get a spray tan !!!
Here’s what I looked for in finding the right beauty salon to get a perfect spray tan :
-          A beauty salon with a lot of experience (in other words : a salon that gives spray tan treatments on a regular base and know everything about it)
-          A Beauty Salon that was willing to talk me through the whole process so that I know exactly what to do before, during & after the treatment.
-          I wanted a manual spray tan treatment (I didn’t wanted a spray tan booth to prevent a Ross-scenario ;-) )
After some searching I came across Instant Spa Leuven. They had everything I was looking for! I made the spray tan appointment and there was no turning back ;-) !
Here what you have to get the maximum result  (source : )
BEFORE tanning:
-Don’t wax  4 to7 days before the treatment. Shaving is allowed 1 day in advance
- scrub your body with a mild scrub 3,2 or 1 day in advance (get rid of those dead skin cells ;-) )
- don’t use any hydrating/moisturizing products up to 3 days before the treatment (you actually want your skin to be dry so that it can properly absorb the product) Only shower with warm water
Day of treatment:-Don’t use any liquid make up or day crème (this way your skin can absorb the Sun FX liquid )
- wear dark & loose sitting clothes. The Sun FX spray tan liquid also includes bronzer to eliminate any missed spots! The bronzer may rub off a little bit.
AFTER treatment:-  Waite  6 to 8 hours after treatment before taking a shower or bath
-  avoid transpiration
- after taking your first shower, it’s adviced to hydrate the body to elongate the color. So use those body lotions and hydration shower gels well ! ;-)

My experience:
I arrived in black loose sitting clothes at Instant Spa.  Then I was told which positions to take (the spray tan machine is a bit loud, in case you don’t hear the instructions -> you get the info in advance!) .  I could choose between 3 different shades and I choose shade number 2.
 I then got a tiny paper briefs that I had to wear during the spray tan treatment.
 After I got changed, I had to stand in front of a big paper screen (so that the tanning liquid can’t ruin their walls) with my legs spread, my arms up and fingers spread.
Then she started the spray tanning with a spray gun.  I must say that the liquid itself feels very cold
J(Maybe not the best idea to test it during the winter time? ;-) )
 she also told me where to stand and which position to take during the spray tanning , which is great ! I hold my breath when she spray tanned my face. At the end I had to turn around slowly to check if she didn’t miss any spots. After that I was left alone to change back into my clothes.
The first hour it feels like your skin is really oiled and sticks to your clothes. After an hour it was completely dry.
Nice to know …
- The sun FX liquid is fragrance free (so no bad scents like you get with tanning lotions)
- You can choose which parts of your body you want spray tanned
-the Sun FX liquid contains no chemicals
- SUN FX was selected as the best professional tanning range by ‘ American  spa’s ‘ in the US in 2010
- In just 15 minutes you can get the SUN FX spray tan treatment @ Instant Spa

How long did my tan last?
- It was clearly visible the first 4 days, On day 5 it started to disappear.

Was I orange ?
No, it looked really natural

Would I do it again ?
Yes, but this time I would go for number 3 instead of number 2.

You can see that I forgot to take of my bracelet during the spray tan treatment
 (that's how you can tell the difference , really natural huh!)

For more information visit:



  1. Leuk! Zijn er ook foto's van de voor en na? Liefs xoxo

  2. Ik wou ook wel foto's zien ;-)
    En hoeveel kost het ook, want als dat elke week moet...


  3. oh great sounds interesting.
    lovely greets

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    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. Dit zijn de prijzen :

    Gelaat: €25 (€20,9 met abonnement 5+1)
    Lichaam: €35 (€33,4 met abonnement 5+1)

    Ik zoek ook nog voor en na foto's voor jullie !

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