Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashionwise X Martin's Patershof Part3

My new Hema nude colored lipstick + Hema bow tie rosé gold  ring

Outfit details :Dress with feathers : Zara
Blazer : Eva Daeleman for Vila
Shoes : Zara
Necklace : Primaek

champagne breakfast <3 td="">

cute ;-)

Outfit details :
Top with beaded collar : Primark
Fluffy cardigan : H&M
Yellow Nailpolish : Hema

I had the best time at Martin's Patershof ! we were completely zen when we returned back home. 
The breakfast area is so unique, it really is as if you're eating in the middle of a church :-). Every single pesron in that room was taking pictures, so nobody found it even a bit strange that we were taking so many pics haha ! I don't know about you, but when I am staying in hotels I always look forward to breakfast. Normally at home I always rush out of the house without eating. When I stay at hotels though, I always love the breakfast bit with freshly squeezed orange juice, healthy fruit and coffee of course ;-) ! After breakfast I just couldn't resist to use the jacuzzi that we had in our room 1 last time (please install that in my bathroom asap please ;-) ) . 
Thank you so much Martin's Patershof for letting me stay ! 
I loved it & I can totally recommend staying at this hotel !

btw stay tuned for the fun YouTube video that we made during our stay !

Special thanks to Stephanie for photographer !

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  1. How glam are you girl? the feather, the beautiful pink trench, amazed!

    Cee. ♥


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