Sunday, April 7, 2013


HI everyone, 
I've been super busy lately, that's why I haven't been posting that much! Shame on me , I know ;-) . Yesterday I had the opportunity to give 3 lovely ladies a bridal hairdo & make up. 

When doing bridal make up, you always have to remember a few things :

 1: the MU has to last the entire day

 2: if she a semi-updo or lose waves it's best not to use lipgloss as the hair might stick to it  (use a lip balm instead)

3: use a foundation without SPF (like MAC face & body). there will be a lot of photographing going on and SPF gives flashback. 

4: use a good primer (for a smooth result) 

5: Don't go too heavy on the make up + use a nude colored nail polish for the best result.

6: this probably isn't the best time to try out any new make up you recently bought ;-)

7: practise the MU in advance when you do your own make up (and write down every step, so you remember which products you used and when) + take a picture afterwards and see how it comes across on camera 

8: use waterproof make up !! (there will be tears ;-) )

9: use Vaseline on your teeth. You will smile a lot that day and that's how you prevent the lips-get-stuck-on-your-dry-teeth situation ;-)

If you want to see the result of the bridal updo's & make up or if you want to see more of my work : 

If you want to book me : write to 


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