Thursday, April 18, 2013

When coral meets floral

I had a lot of meetings today and I wanted to dress more casual. These floral tousers are still a favorite of mine. It's so easy to wear , wether it's with flats or high heels a blazer or a plain T-Shirt.  
Whenever I decide to opt for a more casual look but still like my look to have a more professional touch to it, I wear heels & a bright lip ! They give you that instant glam touch ;-). My Fashionwise travel project in NY is coming up and I'm super excited!! If you have any tips for me for places to visit  or where to shop etc .. do share ;-) !!

outfit deatils: Trousers : Zara, Cardigan : H&M, Necklace : Mawi



  1. Cute outfit! Is chic and very versatile, the shoes are a fun fresh touch!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. Pretty outfit!

    Fan van de Mawi necklace!


  3. what can I say, I know so many places! don't like 5th avenue to shop and midtown is not a good place to find restaurants. what is very important is the way you tip: always always always tip at least 15% in a restaurant or bar. tip the taxi driver, the doorman if he carries your bags and don't forget to tip the housekeeping everyday! we tip housekeeping at least $10 every day. go to open table for some restaurants, excellent way to book a table. a lot of restaurants don't take reservations, go early or wait at the bar, everything goes so fast in new york restaurants so you wont have to wait for long. sometimes a reservation doesn't count, like in a very hip restaurant. if somebody more important walks in, you will have to wait. you can go to the lambs club, it is the restaurant of the chatwal, the place will look familiar to you. if you would like to go to the hippest bar on the island, go to the boom boom room! very strict guest list, but people can get in until a certain hour. and you can go to le bain.


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