Thursday, May 9, 2013

FashionwiseTravelProject: NY day 1

Hi everyone, 

This is my how my first full ay in NY looked like :-)

I started with my newly purchased crisp white all stars but with all that walking, my feet couldn't even stand the otherwise comfy all stars so I switched to my neon  Nike running sneakers :-p

We visited the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, Wall street and walked on 5th avenue. 

the first store I visited was the Victoria Secret :-) I bought me those iconic silk pijama's (see last pic) and  those fragrance body splash products because a friend of mine advised me to buy them, apparently they are amazing. I can now say... YES they are !!!! The good thing about Victoria Secret is that they always do great deals like 3 for 2 etc. I bought several products and got a few of them for free! If you want to see my shopping goodies , go to my FB, twitter or instagram (@fashionwise) !

We were so jet-lagged that we actually fell a sleep at 8 Pm :-p , stay tuned tomorrow to see my day 2 of  my trip to NY !

Outfit details : 
blazer, trousers, silk mint shirt, mint sunnies, mint mohair cardigan : all H&M
shoes : All Stars
Bag : Louis Vuitton

Blue Suede Biker jacket : thanks to
Geometrical printed trousers : Zara
neon pink necklace : Primark

Silk pink striped pijama's : Victoria Secret

My flight was booked  via & I stayed @ The Night Hotel 


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