Sunday, May 26, 2013

M.A.C get-together with Lyne Desnoyers & Elke Willemen

a great tip for when you're doing someone else's make up is to wear a clean powder puff on your pinky.

Lyne uses the editorial Reds pro palette for blush. he mixes and created the perfect shade. It's important that you don't use any face powder before applying the blush, otherwise it's impossible to blend it. 

Lyne uses her fingers to apply the blush. If she feels that she applied too much, she tones it down by going over it with her small foundation brush.

keep on blending the blush until it's melted into the skin. You may notice that Lyne just filled in the brows a tiny bit. She didn't want the brows to stand out, just define them a bit more. 

new MAC matte paintpot that will be released in september

you can recreate the not-on-the-market-yet paintpot color by using any of these eyeshadows for a simillar color :
(L->R: Fashion Fix, Satin Taupe, Blackberry, Quarry)

Lyne uses the 205 Mascara Fan Brush to apply mascara. 

Elke Willemen used a mixture of 'Mixing Medium Eyeliner' pro product with the eyeshadow pigment 'Reflects
Elke used the Strobe liquid all over the model's face as a moisturizer and then she used the mineralize foundation

Elke started by creating the perfect red lip using lip liner and matching lipstick. She then added a plum color lipstick in the center of the lips. What makes this red lip different from last season's red lips is this next step : she uses a cotton stick and slightly erases the outer lip lines. She doesn't want a perfect lip . She said that to end up with this result you first have to start off by doing a perfect red lip (read : lip liner + lipstick)

You can really tell that the face looks radiant and flawless without it being too sparkly. It's really fresh! I like !

The Finished result by Elke Willemen (Senior Artist)

Which one is your favorite look? (I can't decide betheen both of them! )


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