Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashionwise X Mer Du Nord X The Hotel : part 3

Outfit details :
Dress : Mer Du Nord, Yellow Blazer : Mer Du Nord, Sequined blazer : H&M, heels : H&M,           Blue bag:  Zara, Necklace : Forever 21 (USA)

Hi Everyone, 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend ?

 I already announced in my previous blogpost that Part 3 of the Mer Du Nord X The Hotel collaboration would involve a splash of color :-) . As much as I like my simple black & white  outfits, I also love to wear colorful outfits. 
This silk Mer Du Nord dress is a lovely number which immediately caught my attention. I absolutely love the modern print and the warm colors. This dress feels so light and flowy which makes it the perfect summer dress !  I matched this dress with a Mer Du Nord bright yellow blazer for a wow-effect!   My motto ? You can never have too many blazers ;-) . 
I have blazers in all different colors because they go perfect with dresses, shorts, trousers etc ... it gives your outfit a smart look !

which one is your favorite outfit so far? 
(see my previous blogpost of my collaboration here and here )


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